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Who are we?


'Amicus Friendship Group' ( is a social group of people with a wide range of interests who happen to be single.  We are based in the Salisbury area but have members from a fairly wide radius stretching to Andover, Bournemouth, and Southampton. It is the members who run the events which accounts for the wide variety of things that we do.  We are fortunate in Salisbury in having the City Hall and Playhouse, as well as beautiful surrounding countryside for outdoor activities.  Have a look at our ‘sample event calendars’ to see how many varied activities we do each month.

When my marriage broke up I lost touch with all but my closest friends.  Now I am meeting new people and establishing my independence again.’

Since joining 'Amicus Friendship Group' I’ve been on so many days out to places I’d never have thought of going before’

I've met so many great new friends, and I’m out so much my children say I have a better social life than they do!’

The success of the friendship group is very dependent on members having a variety of ideas for events.   We encourage all members to make suggestions for things to do, and we are always pleased to embrace new ideas!!   However, there is no pressure, and we hope everyone feels welcome in the group, regardless of how involved they decide to become.

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